Applied as a cold poultice

  • Rheumatism (infl. & degen. diseases) - Inflammation of veins. (varicose) - Acne
  • Inflammation of the lymph nodes - Burn wounds & sunburn - Eczema
  • Reduction of high temperatures - Fly, bee or wasp stings - Dermatitis
  • Inflammation of stomach, gastro-intest and urinary tracts - Ulcers
  • Furuncle - Carbuncles
  • Purulent wounds - Phlegmones
  • Haemorrhoids
  • Support treatment of thrombophlebitis (superficial phlebitis) and lymphangitis (inflammation of the lymph vessels)
  • Support treatment of non-articular rheumatism (joints and spinal cord)

    Applied as a warm or hot poultice (Thick paste made from mixing loess with warm or hot water applied to affected area and bandaged helps with:

  • Diseases of the liver - Diseases of the kidneys
  • Diseases of the bladder - Gout

    Dry treatment (Use by sprinkling on problem area and covering with a simple dressing)

  • Sores - Itches
  • Weeping wounds - Skin impurities
  • Small wet growths - Infant care (Luvos Ultra)
  • Luvos powder is also advisable for massage and treatment by friction.
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