The following healing properties are associated with the dinking of these products:

  • Stomach acid and reflux - Digestive problems - Heartburn
  • Stomach cramps and aches - Pancreas acid - Indigestion
  • Removes toxins in the stomach - Diarrhoea - Intestinal bacteria
  • Food Poisoning - Duodenal Ulcers - Reflux
  • Reduces Cholesterol - Helps weight loss
  • Cleans out and neutralises the intestines (by binding with the food)
  • Acute rhinitis, hay fever or infections of the nasal cavity (Use as snuff)

    Using these products as a mouthwash or gargle helps with:

  • Inflammation of tonsils - Infection of the gums - Diseases of the mouth and throat
  • Abolishes bad breath - Oral and dental decay - Heals inflammation
  • Prevents hyperacidity of the oral cavity
  • Inflammation and suppuration of the jaws

    Using these products as an application in the mouth.

  • Diseases of the gums - Dental root inflammations
  • Inflammation and suppuration of the jaws - Loose teeth
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