Luvos Face Mask comes in a pre-packaged sachet containing both Luvos 2 and Jojoba oil. Luvos 2 is the least finely ground as it is used for external use. Its absorption properties enable it to remove toxins from the body as it dries, facilitate blood to the fine blood capillaries near the skin surface as well as infuse minerals through the applied area.

Luvos Face Mask is a natural cosmetic face mask which removes excess oil from pores, detoxifies and increases circulation of the skin, delivering more oxygen and nutrients to the skin as well as increases the ability to remove toxins from the skin. Luvos Face Mask both firms and smoothes the skin.

Recommended for oily and varied skin, inflamed skin, pimples and black heads.

The mask is also recommended for pealing skin and dandruff.

Uses for Luvos Face Mask

Mineral Content

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