Schwalbe is a dynamic company and has been servicing clients with a friendly and flexible attitude since 2003. With the mission statement "To provide products and services whilst ensuring competitiveness in quality, reliability and price.", Schwalbe product lines have been supplied to and also tested with favourable results by companies such as Anglo Gold Ashanti, Anglo Platinum, B + E and many more. Our client base includes companies in North America, Europe and Eastern Europe.

As a large part of international trade involves logistics, Schwalbe is constantly looking at ways of speeding up time to market, improving reliability and taking advantage of exchange fluctuations.

Schwalbe focuses on three main product lines, namely rock tools, slate and healing earth. These product lines are of exceptional quality, manufactured to the highest specifications and are all extensively used and tested internationally.

Tests are constantly being conducted to ensure the quality and reliability of our product lines as well as facilitating innovation. Visits conducted at source ensure that products manufactured for our clients facilitate their humanitarian, ecological and environmental concerns. In order to further assist environmentally, Schwalbe recycles, explores environmentally friendly packaging and encourages clients to use electronic brochures. Schwalbe is always open to suggestions and will act on any request made by a potential or existing trading partner.

Schwalbe is a proud responsible Import/Export company and would like to make you just as proud as our client. Please do not hesitate to contact us with any query.

Assuring you of our companies best intentions at all times

Jonathan Betsalel

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